05 February 2011

Pictures from Gameday 5/2 2011

Another gameday down at the "Brainwürst" club, games played at location included BloodBowl, Secrets of the Third Reich, Mordheim, Game of Thrones CCG and Warhammer Fantasy.

I just played a game of Secrets of the Third Reich, trying out some of my new Polish stuff (Anti Tank rifles and the Battle Chaplain). Against the dreaded Soviet "Mechovaya" Platoon of my buddy Millmir.

A full battle report of that game will follow tomorrow (with pictures from the battle in plenty).

I also picked up a handful of models that my buddy just gave away since he didn't have any need for them, or the time to paint them either - and I also received his leftover BloodBowl Orcs. So there will be some interesting stuff up on the blog this month. Among the things I picked up were West Wind Gothic Horror "Vampire children" and 2 "Gargoyles" which are fantastic sculpts that I've had in mind of buying myself at some point. Don't have any use for them but I know they will be great fun to paint. Also picked up a few German miniatures, intend to paint them up as reinforcements for my Polish Armja Krajowa (partisan) platoon for SoTR.

So, I spent most of the day hanging out with the lot down at the club waiting for my two friends to finish their BloodBowl leage game (Halfling playing Millmir added the coolest team ever "Amazons" made up of Nuns!). Acting as the assistant coach to both players, pointing out mistakes, giving some advice and checking up rules for them. The Amazons won 1-0 against the Chaos Dwarfs. Now I have to face the Amazons with my Human team, and the Chaos Dwarfs have to face the Halflings in order for the league to progress at an even pace.

Here are some pictures of the stuff that went on down at the club today (included a few pictures from the SoTR game with Polish vs Soviet platoon).

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