04 February 2011

Polish army for Secrets of the Third Reich

Finished the last two models from Warlord Games "Sharpshooters" blister just a few minutes ago. They will all get their baptism of fire against the unwashed fascist and Bolshevik hordes tomorrow. Thought I could share a few platoon pictures as well.

All pictures are "king size" to allow for some level of scrutiny. None of the new models have been matt varnished yet so you can see them stand out with their shiny bases.

This platoon ("Kosciuszko") is made up of:

Regular army

1x Command squad (with attached Battle Chaplain)
2x Rifle squads with 1 Piat AT launcher, 1 Anti Tank rifle and (1 Packed LMG in squad A)
2x HMG teams
1x Medium Mortar team
3x Anti Tank rifle teams
1x Bazooka team

3TKS tankettes (2 HMG, 1 Light AT gun)
2x Cromwell tanks
1x Battlemaster APC
1x Cavalry Squadron w 1 Anti tank rifle and molotov cocktails
1x Squad of British Steel troopers (4 packed LMG , 1 Anti tank rifle)

MI-13 Elements

Dr Lazarus
Paddy Mayne and a unit of MI-13 Commandos
Hellboy (using Black Jack rules)

Temple Elements

Mr Smythe
Flesh Golem
Templar Assault Squad

Things that will be added in the future

1x Wojtek the Soldier bear
At least 1 Polish 37mm AT gun.


  1. top notch!
    id love to play against them

  2. Very nice collection, like the TKS camo especially.

  3. A well painted and beautifully themed Army - well done indeed.

    Paul from Australia - the home of Mt Kosciuszko :-)


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