25 February 2011

Test models for Polish 15mm army

Two OldGlory/TrueNorth miniatures, painted them last night to see how the uniforms I use for 28mm would transfer to this tiny scale. The Blitzkrieg book suggests a brown/yellow kinda uniform and green'ish helmets - however I have seen pictures of infantry in this mud colored uniform and will stick to this look.

Of course bases are everything at this scale, and as I'm still waiting to bases to arrive I took some pictures with static grass covering the ground. I fixed two minor details on the horse, horses will be in various shades of brown.

I will bring these down to the gameday at the club this weekend and compare the size and details to Forged in Battle Polish infantry that Widgren has bought to see if you can mix miniatures within teams.

The OldGlory/TrueNorth infantryman is 16mm tall - measured from foot to top of the field cap.

I will also matt varnish the models once I start painting up large quantities.

Really looking forward to tomorrows gameday, will dust of my French and Indian War army and give it a go (with the This Very Ground rules).

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