11 February 2011

Wrong Blitzkrieg but good customer support

I had a few bucks left at the Maelstrom Games store so I figured I would order the Flames of War "Early War" sourcebook "Blitzkrieg" two weeks ago. After initial delays I received the parcel after only 3 working days! 3 day shipping from the UK to Sweden?! Find that hard to believe but awesome nonetheless. So I open my mailbox and see this large cardboard container and I'm thinking "Hell yeah!" rush into the kitchen and slice open the box and then the envelope only to find .... "Eastern Front 1942-43" sourcebook instead? So, the last Blitzkrieg instead of the first one.

Since I was in the kitchen I did what Gordon Ramsey does best.

After that I instantly called Maelstrom Games had to explain that I had received the wrong book (don't know how you can mix stuff like this up anyway?). The customer service guy was friendly, just like the last time I called MG a few months back about an order. Long story short, the Blitzkrieg book has been sent to me, and I could keep this one.

To be honest this is the first time Maelstrom Game has delivered the wrong product, and they are usually very fast for a UK based retailer when it comes to shipping stuff to Sweden. Their customer service is also top notch, there is not a lot of questioning or doubt when you speak to them over the phone (or write them a mail). It was enough for them to have my order number.
So anyway, while still waiting for the Blitzkrieg book (I'm actually waiting to order miniatures and FoW core rules until it arrives) I thought I could show how a Flames of War rulebook looks like for those of you who have never seen one up close. This won't be a review of the content, rather some kind of book quality review.

Its hardback, I see it took a hit in the bottom right corner during shipping (it was in one of those yellow protective envelopes inside a cardboard box). So it's quite sturdy, and heavy.

Full color, you can see the "Commie scum" TM fighting off the "Fascist pigs" TM on the front cover, and commies battling Finns on the back cover. Very nice illustrations and great print quality.

The pages are thick as in most rulebooks, glossy paper. 244 pages in all and hardback may warrant the rather steep price for this book. The book is divided into sections, each describing the armed forces of the nations fighting on the eastern. Looks good and logical to me, gathering everything you need for your specific nation or army in one place. I'm surprised that almost the entire book is one big troop rooster. You get small amounts of historical backstory for each nation and the different branches but there is refreshingly very little bullshit to fill the pages. It looks as if you don't get lots of filler material.

Players familiar with WH40k, will recognize the system for building your army. Black units are required, grey units may be added. Not a longshot since FoW was built on WH40k rules to begin with a long time ago.

But maybe the most important thing about a rulebook is the binding. This book seems to be glued and bound. The book "cracked" a little when I opened it and I was a bit worried it had broken already. I read somewhere on a internet forum that people seem to expect the FoW to lose pages after extensive use. I usually handle my books with almost comical carefulness, so I hope I won't have to experience that happening to me.

Don't really know what to do with this book. Not really tempted to play anything beyond Early War in 15mm scale. I think I'll keep this book for reference, and it may come in handy playing other WW2 games with my 28mm stuff.

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