15 March 2011

100 followers milestone [Blog update]

I saw that the blog passed the 100 follower milestone recently, that is crazy cool!

The amount of readers each month (rising from 4.000 when the blog started in August last year to 18.500 in February this year) and increasing number of followers is really motivating and means a lot to me. I hope I can stay fresh and interesting to keep this up, I have some cool ideas for the blog once time permits I'll try them out. Like more interactive reviews and battle reports - will experiment with my camera and see how that goes.

If there is something in particular you guys want to see more of, like painting tutorials, more about some of the games I play or have something you want me to forward then just tell me about it and if possible I'll squeeze that into the blog.

The spring looks pretty interesting, a couple board game reviews, an Orc team for BloodBowl, tons of Polish infantry for 15mm, a few more rule reviews for miniature wargames and painting miscellaneous miniatures for games like Strange Aeons and Combat  Zone.  Hopefully I will be able to get my Early War Polish campaign started late this month/early next month as well.

The blog also strafed into movies, books and PC game territory - and I may be able to dig up a few interesting products for review even though the main focus of the blog remains miniature wargaming and board games.

Finally, a big exam is coming up 1/4 (Penal law,at least the subject is interesting this time around), so there might be a couple of days where the blog is keeping a low profile.

Thanks for reading!


Sneak peak at some of things coming up over the next couple of weeks.


  1. congrats. mine has reached the 2 follower milestone. haha

  2. Congratulations! Count is at 104 now. Keep up the good work.

  3. A great blog I enjoy following, soon it will be 200 I'm sure!

  4. Well done Alexander. I noticed I was the 100th follower when I signed up. So far it's been a great read.

  5. @ Eddie, don't worry - keep up what you're doing and people will join over time :-)

    @ Luckyjoe, thanks!

    @ Man Cave, glad to hear it :-)

    @ Beccas, indeed - I got the whole 100th follower celebration from Man Cave's blog but before I got to it it had passed the magic number.

    @ Everyone following and reading, thanks again for reading. Your continued interest in the stuff I'm posting really means a lot to me.


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