25 March 2011

Alice and Cheshire cat [Alice in Wonderland]

Here's the Hasslefree "Alys" miniature I talked about a few days back. Another model I really enjoyed to paint, I wish Hasslefree had made a few more Alice in Wonderland related miniatures - I would probably end up buying them all.

What would be cool however, to buy a second identical model and paint her as "after mental breakdown". Dark hair, sick face, blood splatter on her clothes and paint the cat to look like more evil like in the PC game American McGee's Alice.

I opted to paint the cards on the base "roughly" to make them look somewhat worn. This was simply done by painting rough shapes with brown, bone white and white - then cleaning up the edges with black paint and apply a suit in 2 shades.

I've decided to put all weird/odd models (this one included) in the Theater Macabre category. You'll find the theater troupe and the Hasslefree versions of my classmates there already. All future models that doesn't really fit any other category will be put there.


  1. Looks really good, I love the tone and shading on her clothes.

  2. Thanks, I used Vallejo Imperial Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Bone White in multiple thinned down layers with more light colors being applied towards the edges with each coat of paint.

  3. Looks amazing ... found this by chance at weekend while looking for a Alice Model for my cousins 21st ... hoping mine turns out as good as yours
    Love HF-Minis sculpts :)


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