24 March 2011

Bull Centaurs and fist fights (BloodBowl)

A few days ago I played BloodBowl against my Chaos Dwarf playing friend, the game was just played "from scratch" so no stats or points were recorded  - the game was just played for fun. He had bought a second Bull Centaur and his team proved to be much better and more flexible, he finally had more than one semi-fast model that could throw punches with 2 Block dice against single human models.

The game started with the Humans kicking off and the Dwarfs being the attacking team. Because of a fumbled ball the turn quickly went over to the humans who pushed their way through the middle of the Chaos Dwarf line and seized the ball - scoring a touchdown just a few turns into the game.

First half was dominated by the Humans, 2 Hobgoblins ended up off the pitch, one as a K.O. and one as a regular casualty. Humans lost one Blitzer to K.O but managed to score a second touchdown at the very end of first half leading the game with 2-0. At this point it looked as if the Humans would roll over the Dwarfs. The Human Blitzer did not recover from his K.O. even though he was rolled for twice before the start of second half.

Second half was more brutal, a regular brawl at some times. Chaos Dwarfs and Bull Centaurs punching the human Linemen around and worst of inflicting a second K.O. result on another Blitzer while their own players re-entered the pitch from the K.O. dugout. Having removed most of the good players from the human team and evened out the numbers the Chaos Dwarf team smashed their way past one of the flanks and after a bit of struggle near the end scored their first point. 2-1 to the human team, but it started to look grim. Scoring points at this point looked extremely difficult so I just tried to slow down the Chaos Dwarf team hoping to stall their advance to the end of the game just a couple of turns away.

Of course none of my Blitzers re-entered the pitch, I cursed myself for not investing in those Bloodweisser babes who would have improved my K.O. recovery rolls (why the hell did I invest 50.000 in Assistant coaches in a game like this is beyond me). What had saved my team up to this point was my decent luck with Block dice (often knocking down his Dwarfs and inflicting a few Stunned results) and my opponents awful die rolls when it came to armor penetration, except for 2 K.O. Blitzers and one Lineman Casualty those were pretty much the only 3 times out of maybe 20 armor rolls during the game which he successfully passed.

Too bad though, because those Blitzers with their Block skill were really missed and would have made a difference. The remaining 3rd Blitzers could not stop the Dwarfs and Bull Centaurs alone, and as the 2nd half neared its end the Bull Centaurs made a pincer move to knock out any threats to allow one of the HobGoblins to run along one of the sides with the ball - getting his ass knocked down but recovered during the next turn, picking up the ball and scoring 2-2. Thus ending the game in a Draw.

The game was a load of fun, playing against that Chaos Dwarf Team with 2 Bull Centaurs really made a difference. I think I need to invest in a Ogre or a 4th Blitzer to even out the odds a little since those Chaos Dwarfs are really tough with their block ability and 9 armor value. It will be fun to see how my future Orc team will hold up against the Chaos Dwarfs.


  1. Nice pitch report. Blood Bowl's been heating up around these parts. I'm waiting on my 2nd Bull Centaur to arrive in the mail any day now...

  2. 2 Bull Centaurs really make a difference, when he had but one I won fairly easy the times we played with these teams.


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