27 March 2011

Defense position WIP 2

Worked most of yesterday working and almost finished this piece, just need to flock it and apply some foliage to make it look more WW2 than WW1.

Started out by sand papering the entire piece to make the slopes a bit more soft, created a few rounded edges and paths up to the bunkers from inside the trench and from the approach at the back of the piece.

All sand was the same type that I use for my FoW bases, from birdsand bucket I bought last month. Covered as much as possible with sand and painted the remaining naked foam areas with PVA glue so that it would not melt when I hit it with army painter black primer.

The wood was painted in a myriad of colors to make it look proper, I used acrylics I had bought from an art store cheap in larger tubes and mixed ochre colors with dark brown, white, green etc until I achieved the look I wanted.

I then used water based indoor paint for the basecoat, red/dark brown color and followed up by using Citadel Iyanden Darksun (1/3 of a pot) and mix it with the indoor paint I used as basecoat to drybrush all the dirt. I also brushed this dirt mix on the wooden areas to make it more realistic and interesting.

That large plastic bunker is actually the top part of a 28mm bunker which I scrapped a long time ago. I didn't bother to cut out firing slits because the material is very thin plastic and extremely hard to work with if you want to cut out precise geometrical shapes. Instead I decided to just paint on the firing slits with black and highlight the lower "edge" with Vallejo Stonewall grey to give the illusion of depth when looked at from a tabletop distance.

The bunkers themselves were painted with a grey indoor paint, covered in Ochre colored acrylic paint and finaly highlighted by mixing the indoor grey paint with some white indoor paint. Not too much though as I wanted a darkened /greenish concrete finish.

I'll put up pictures of the finished piece tomorrow when all the grass and stuff has been added, there is also supposed to be some barbed wire between those wooden poles at the front.

Check in again tomorrow for pictures of the finished Wizna command bunker/trench system and some related stuff :-)

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