28 March 2011

Defense position completed

Here it is. Beside pictures of the finished terrain piece I also made 2 videos. One is a compilation of all 70 pictures starting from scratch ending with the completed bunker system. The second is me trying out the video recording feature on my camera to give you a more interactive 360 degree view.

Btw this is how I'm going to make all the barbed wire obstacles for my 15mm terrain. That is the regular GW barbed wire roll, I just take it and twist it around something round and rather thin. I used BBQ sticks, and to get the barbed wire free I simply snapped the stick in a few places making it easier to pull out. If you use a metal rod you won't have to. Then simply check how you want to attach it and paint it with a mix of dark brown and dark red to get a little rust look about it. Once attached with super glue I gave it a light drybrush of metal.

And pictures of the whole Wizna command bunker system. The dimensions are 24" wide and 15" deep. 8" between the bunkers.

And here are the vides, first one is the compilation of WIP pictures. the second one is the 360 degree view of the finished bunker/trench system.

Btw you guys simply HAVE TO see these two fully painted Polish trains by Steve Dean Painting forum member "tarnowski1" http://www.sdean-forum.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=26402

Fantastic paintjob and the models are just amazing. I have to come up with something to get me one of those Polish trains! But they are so expensive....


  1. That is impressive work, Anatoli!



  2. Wow, that looks fantastic!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Been painting a couple of really awesome looking objective counters that I got from Army Group North today. Pictures will be posted tomorrow :-D


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