26 March 2011

Defense position WIP 1

Started building this yesterday, still need to fix a few things before I apply sand and stones.

It is 24" across, meaning it will cover the entire width of one of my 3 part game table. I plan to make one more after this one is finished so that I can play a "Battle of Wizna" with my Polish army. The second will probably be smaller and focused on infantry and MG nests, and I will probably make a few separate single piece bunkers and MG nests as well.


  1. It's funny how much sand can change the look of a piece of terrain. I'm in the middle of applying sand to the entire terrain piece - I think this will look pretty cool when painted and with static grass and foliage applied :-)

    Will take new pictures tomorrow when I reach the next step.

  2. You are a hobbying machine! Looks great

  3. Steven I kept thinking what you guys said when you reviewed the terrain in last podcast - the money/time tradeoff when buying or making your own terrain. If I had the cash I would not do stuff of my own, it's always cheaper to scratch build but it takes so much time that it gives you a good perspective when browsing internet stores looking at ready to go terrain. I don't think many people realize the amount of time and work that a piece of terrain eats up and thus they think everything is too expensive.

    This is my first piece of designated 15mm terrain, and a few more pieces will follow. Intend to use this one as the command bunker and have 1 or 2 smaller trench networks and loose bunkers/MG nests to form the defense line. Also need a few farmhouses and a river to make the village of Wizna which was located a few clicks to the west of this position.

  4. @Anatoli- yeah you're absolutely right. Making terrain takes a LOT of time. People rarely factor their time in to cost. I find that true of commission painters as well. That being said making terrain can still be fun and rewarding so in that sense your time is worth it for the entertainment value.

    I don't really like making terrain that much though, so I am happy to fork over cash for other peoples' hard work :)

  5. Yeah the thing with making your own stuff is that you can really customize it to fit your needs.

    About commission painting, I find that to be a mixed bag. I think many of the commission services in the, UK especially, take ridiculous fees for painting single miniatures of 15-28mm scale to something I would call lower TT quality at the most. I won't out anyone's service but there was one in particular that became the laughing stock between me and a few buddies because their prices were just surreal compared to quality and it was a really and quite large established painting service too….
    I also find the Warlord Games prepainted stuff to really be too damn expensive considering what you get. I don't think one should see commissions as work - take em if you have some spare time and want to earn a few bucks extra but when you start applying cost by the hour as if it was some kind of government job it just gets really mismatched. I usually take commissions when I know I can spare the time, and often experiment with new techniques on other peoples models since I don’t have to worry about them not matching any of my current stuff.

    Something I’m really considering to buy are the rivers from Battlefield in a box set. Mostly because it is made up of clean cut chunks that fit perfectly well together. I’ve seen them IRL and they look the part. Just need a bit of gloss varnish or water effects brushed over the water area to look wet.


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