08 March 2011

Early War Polish - 75mm artillery 1

School work is piling up so I'll see how much I get painted this week. Started with the 75mm artillery today but just managed to finish 2 out of 4 guns before I had to quit for today. Ended up not painting any camo on the ammunition limbers, just painted camo on the front part of the artillery just like on my small 37mm AT guns.
I think the castings for the Polish artillery and those models I bought from Battlefront retain a high standard. The only thing bothering me are the silly thick bases that each infantryman comes with. What are they, like 3mm thick? Earlier I used a file to remove most of the bases but it took way too much time and energy. So for the artillery crews this time around I cut away every single member from their bases, used a file to make a flat surface under their feet/knees and super glued them straight to the plastic base.

This is also me saving time not having to do double layers of sand, using green stuff or any other products to mask that huge bump beneath each infantryman. And with the PVA glue used to glue the sand onto the bases each infantryman is held onto the base quite solidly. I also think the overall look is more appealing when everything is on a flat surface and not having the entire base being a small hill.

Took some picture of the preparation work so you guys can see how I'm doing it. This is only for Battlefront miniatures as Forged in Battle and True North have very small/flat bases and cutting those away is not necessary.

And another size comparison requested by Engel on the LAF forum:

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