14 March 2011

Early War Polish - 7TP platoon 1

I had some new models for my Fallout project I was going to show you guys - but my matt varnish messed up the test models I had painted - twice (the second time I think my condition would be labeled as "nerd rage") . I hope to get a new matt varnish later this week, fix the messed up minis and post them in a acceptable condition (at this point they are so shiny you can't see shit on the pictures I took last night). The models were intended to be used as Fallout 2/Fallout tactics style Enclave soldiers.

Instead here's the first one out of two Polish 7TP light tank platoons. The platoon commander got the Polish tank marking, just like the Company commander. To differentiate the company commander from the platoon commanders (beside the company commander being the only one checking the view from his hatch) I painted a Polish eagle on the front track guard. And to be able to tell the two 7TP platoons apart in the future I made a discreet platoon marking, blue triangles, on the rear track guards.

I really like the 7TP, pretty much for the same reason I like the tankettes. The design of these tanks is pretty cool imo. I also improved my technique since the company command tank, don't know if it shows but the paintjob is a tad sharper. What takes the most time is the bone white areas, that color really sucks (Vallejo Bone white), I have to apply it in thin layers multiple times to get a good clean coverage. It is worth it in the end, but compared to the two other color mixes it really takes too long.

A few updates on this project, the super friendly people over at West Wind/Forged in Battle are going to send me a Polish mega deal, the box contains enough model for a complete Polish Infantry company. And I checked in with Andy over at Old Glory about my missing cavalry and he said he was waiting for one of the blisters to arrive in stock before sending me the models (enough to make up one platoon of Polish cavalry).

I was also in touch with Vincent over at Army Group North, emailed back and forth over the last few weeks and I ended up getting a pretty sweet deal on his Polish objective markers, if I'm really lucky they'll arrive this week. Can't wait for  that, the sample pictures I got looked pretty awesome - those markers will be perfect for FoW and Secrets of the Third Reich whenever I play my Polish stuff.

I have one platoon of 7TP tanks left unpainted, and some Old Glory Polish infantry but I as I said earlier, I want to save those field cap infantry models and see if I can mix them into the Forged in Battle stuff.

My mind is set on a historical "September campaign" as it is called in Polish, Fall Weiss in German. I will post my ideas about it here on the blog later this week. Since only the German part of the invasion of Poland is really covered in the Blitzkrieg book I will try to write up the campaign to cover all the interesting battles between the Polish and the Germans, from the shots at Westerplatte, to the fighting retreat to and defense of Warsaw and escape towards Romania. Trying to cover battles of Mokra, Bzura, Wizna, Krojanty, Warsaw defense, etc

I will attach a short description on the force disposition, what kind of armies were involved and the historical outcome - and what mission from the FoW I think would work with the particular battle.

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