03 March 2011

Early War Polish - Anti tank weapons

Received my FoW rulebook, bases and a pack of Polish Light AT guns yesterday. So while waiting for the rest of my orders to show up I took the chance to paint up the light AT guns and 3 Anti Tank rifle teams I got from OldGlory /TrueNorth.

The reason I'm keeping back the rest of the True North infantry is because I want to mix those miniatures with field caps with the infantry wearing helmets from Forged in Battle. I think those two would mix well with the units from the comparison I made during the last gameday down at the club - if not then I'll make a recon unit out of them.

These light guns are quite decent and can take care of all German armor, only tank in the German arsenal that has a good chance of evading damage is the StuG. It might be a damn good investment to get a second battery if Widgren beefs up his Panzer collection.

Of all the armor I've ordered I look forward to painting the FT-17 tanks the most. They are quite bad rulewise - but oh so cool :-D They are just meant to be parked in good cover and provide fire support for the infantry, leaving proper tank engagements to the 7TP tanks. I also really like how PeterPig does business, pulling money from my account upon shipping. I think more stores should do this instead of taking your money rightaway and then leaving you to wait for weeks. I guess they are thinking that doing the PeterPig way would lead to lots of customers changing their mind before shipping and cancelling orders since there would be no hassle involved.

Heard a lot of complaints about Battlefront castings but this Polish Light AT gun was well cast. There was some trimming of flash though, and I used a file and in some cases clippers to reduce the thickness of the bases of the infantry. Some of the artillery crewmen were cut away from their bases, cleaned and painted attached onto a piece of wood, to finally be glued onto the artillery base in a fitting position at the end.

Another thing- tipped by Widgren last weekend I went to a pet shop and bought bird sand. 2kg cost me 45SEK. That's a "lifetime supply" bucket of very fine grain sand (cleaned). It also has this smell of licorice for some reason. I can recommend that, as you can see - compared to a container from Army painter /GW you will get ridiculous amounts of sand and cheaper. Never bought sand before as it felt as a idiotic scam - but this pet shop deal was quite alright. The guy in the store started asking questions if I wanted the sand to have good "soak up" abilities LOL!
I use this sand for my 15mm stuff now.

Hope to receive tanks, artillery, more bases and hopefully the remnant of my Cavalry order next week. Still working on my Forged in Battle order containing all the infantry I will need to form 2 companies of 2 platoons and one HMG section each.


  1. Lovely work on the bofors guns and crew.



  2. I like this army of yours Anatoli, well done.

  3. Thanks Dan!

    A group picture of all my painted tanks, tankettes and artillery is coming up early next week :-)

    Still waiting for cavalry and infantry to arrive.


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