04 March 2011

Early War Polish - Tank platoon commanders

I think Maelstrom Games have access to some kind of wormhole technology because they emailed me this wednesday that my Tank Battalion was shipped - and it arrived today in my mailbox here in Sweden!?

3 days shipping UK to Sweden? That has to be a record. They beat their last record which was 4 days. Fantastic people at Maelstrom, fast shipping, great customer service and cheap prices.

So anyway, I received the Tank company that I ordered on a whim as MG announced the sale on all their FoW stuff due to the break with Battlefront. Painted up one 7TP tank and one tankette sporting the 20mm gun and used one of the crew donning the tankers beret to make this my "Roman Orlik" tankette. I bought transfers and at first had in mind to pimp every single piece of armor with them - but I think I'll make it "platoon commander" exclusive. The castings were very good on both resin and metal parts.

All 11 tanks will be modeled as single turret 7TP tanks to allow me to field them as a Tank Company or armored support for a infantry battalion. Don't care much for the double MG turret version as they are only available to a Motorized army anyway - which itself looks like an odd force that doesn't appeal to me the least. Even though they are rated Fealess / Veteran.

The Light Artillery will also be very welcome as their tank killing ability is quite good, should have absolutely no problem knocking out any German tank with direct fire - and even have a decent chance to take out the StuG from the front with a bit of luck. The reason I keep mentioning the StuG's is that I'm crapping my pants a bit since that is the only "behemoth" tank in the German arsenal - and my opponent Widgren has some for his Germans. Luckily they are expensive as hell! And only fielded in pairs.

Love the tankettes, you only get to field one unit and it would be stupid not to include Roman Orlik as the commander of the tankette platoon, giving them Ambush ability and his personal tankette some nice skills. The 20mm guns are just AT rating of 5 so they really need to flank enemy armor to pose any real threat. Really looking forward to test my fledgling army (hopefully next weekend).

Now the question - "To base or not to base the tanks"?

I have a really hard to resist urge to base at the very least the tankettes on small bases and the 7TP on medium bases. Why?

1) Because it would raise the tanks to the same level as the infantry,
2) It would not chip the tracks,
3) Easier to hold models (especially the tankettes)
4) It would tie the models in with the rest of the army

Against such a notion:

1) Frowned upon by most other gamers
2) Annoying when you have to measure distances to/from the model
3) Placing models on steep terrain would make them slide
4) To allow the tanks to maneuver in tight spots

After checking with the tanks and tankettes, I can say that the tankettes fit perfectly onto the small bases I have, filling the entire base, Mounting 7TP tanks on the medium bases would make the bases slightly larger than the tank itself.

I'll need to think some more about this, but I'm considering basing the tankettes and leave the 7TP tanks be.

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