17 March 2011

Federal Raids [Strange Aeons]

Squeezed in two games of Strange Aeons today, first game was to refresh mine and my friends knowledge of the rules so it was a oversized "kill them all". The Treshold Agents were aided by US Navy, their goal was to fight their way to the warehouse and torch it to destroy all the occult stuff stored there.

They face crazy opposition, made up of Cultists, a Fishman, a Maniac, a Mummy and a huge rat. The Mummy climbed the hill and scared every leader witless (funny how the best guys were the ones who failed their resolve tests). The Agents were then attacked by the Fishman and Mummy, losing a few agents but the fright scared some survival instincts into them and they fought like devils to overcome the mummy ending up killing both the mummy and the fishman. Once they thought it was over and was starting to advance again the maniac arrived and worked his way like a tornado through the remaining Treshold agents and US Navy boys who didn't stand a chance against his powerful attacks!

Second game, based on the same setup of terrain, was one of the Quest scenarios from the first expansion book. The Treshold agents had to save D3 (ended up with 3) locals who had been kidnapped and were intended for sacrifice [or worse] hahaha love that since it really gets your creepy imagination going - what's worse than getting sacrificed?! This time the US Navy had to haul ass across the table because the cultists started their ritual murders at the beginning of turn 3. The captain, chief and "gunny" raced ahead - there was no time to bring the sailors and the rifleman with them. The shootout in the factory was bloody for the cultists. The cultist leader being the first one to fall. The cultists in the warehouse tried to keep their positions near the windows and shoot their kidnapped victims to death but failed hitting them and were soon killed by gunfire from the Navy boys.


  1. you get to play tons of games. Im jealous. I rarely ever get to play

  2. I sometimes (more often than not) have periods where I don't get to play miniature wargames at all, making rotation between some games a bit slow. It was a while since I had played Strange Aeons, and Legends of the Old West was as I wrote - 8 months ago haha.

    It really depends on what people in my group are into at the moment, I play most of my games with my buddy Calle as the two of use share a lot of the more "obscure" games. Now he's going away for two weeks so I'm back at painting and studying for my exam it seems.

    It has also been a while since my boardgame gang played anything mostly due to school interference.


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