01 March 2011

Hasslefree friends part 3

Third model, this hilarious miniature was intended to depict my other male classmate and friend Robin who is very much into Ultimate Fighting Challange - something I always call "Ultimate Wraaaastling" only to make fun of him (Wraaaastling as in the South Park episode about "real" Olympic Wrestling). So I figured I would give him a miniature with a ridiculous "costume" as he and my other male friend Gylfi (GoatBoy) always seem to talk about the outfits of each contestant in that show.

He's also heavily tattooed but luckily most of the tattoos are on his back and the other arm, the only tattoos visible that had to be painted was the rose on his side and some music notes on the shoulder

The model is Hasslefree "MadDog", I think the skin came out pretty good -  the cape not so much. But the later might be partially explained by my MattVarnish running out as I was varnishing all 4 models.


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