02 March 2011

Hasslefree friends part 4

Last miniature from Hasslefree is "Shimmer", the girl Julia kinda cheated here as she picked her own miniature (wondering why Hasslefree had a lot of miniatures of naked women while browsing their range LOL). In the end though I think it is pretty accurate, being our resident Russian mystery lady and all she has the manners of an elf. She's fun but hard to learn, and has that condemning silent look when she disapproves of a rude joke haha!

So these are my friends and classmates from my Criminology class. We make an odd gang, but as Kurt Cobain said about Nirvana "we are the chosen rejects". And the rest of the class is kind of stiff and boring, easy to make fun of but unbearable to hang out with.

It was also worth the look on their faces to paint up these models and give them away as gifts, Robin said "we have to get him a miniatures as well - too bad none of us can paint" LOL!
I enjoyed painting the Hasslefree models, again they are very fine quality castings and well proportioned and detailed sculpts. I ordered the miniatures straight from Hasslefree and it took about a week to get my stuff which was great.


  1. I love this project! Also, they look great side by side.

  2. Glad you like them Heiki :-)

  3. Hej!

    Great work, I like it aswell :)
    A question though, where do you get/buy the material used for basing? Love the effects.

  4. ArmyPainter "Tufts" , bought 3 small packs of various colors from Warlord Games last time I placed an order.

  5. Alright!
    Thanks for the answer, and keep the good work coming.


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