16 March 2011

Ice cold convoy assignment [Malifaux]

Pictures from a Malifaux game with my Resurrectionists once again picking a fight with the Arcanist lot. Of all the combinations in the Arcanist list I think the Ice Golem and Ice Gamin combination with Rasputina as Master is the hardest to play against. Most of my units really need to get into hand to hand combat as soon as possible - but with the Ice Gamins having both ranged attacks and causing damage once they are killed makes them annoying to pick apart. The Ice Golem is almost meaningless to attack if you don't have something that ignores armor.

I did pull off a few cool things with Nicodem though, paralyzed both Rasputina and the Ice Golem - I ended up killing the Ice Golem with my summoned Flesh Golem (summoned from Sebastian’s corpse) through sheer luck, really punching it on the nose with maximum damage and the red joker ability to instantly inflict a second attack for which there was no defense roll - causing maximum damage yet again!

The mission for my crew was to assassinate the enemy master (Rasputina), the main mission of the Arcanists was to escort "macguffin" crate to the center of the table - this would give them full score of victory points if the crate was undamaged at the end of the game. Side missions for the Resurrectionists was to get into the enemy deployment zone. The Arcanist were protecting their deployment zone.

The game was quite bloody, things did not go as planned for my Necropunks who got their baptism of fire - ending up getting themselves killed instead of heading for the enemy deployment zone. Another blow was the untimely death of Sebastian, and the Canine Remains "bombs" I was creating with the nurse. But once Nicodem arrived at the center of the table and covered all friendly units in that crazy 2+ to DF and CB aura of his the Arcanist crew was smashed to pieces.  However time ran out and no Resurrectonist unit was able to get to the  crate to inflict some damage - making the game a Arcanist victory by 1 point!

The map was "Hags territory", and the building in the middle gave a bonus to spellcasting when a model was standing adjacant to it.

Rasputina, when played with a themed crew of ice monsters and joined by the "essence of power" totem is a real challange to face. One really needs to kill her minions real fast before she starts to mirror her spells through them - and get into close combat with her fast as she isn't that hard to kill when close up and personal.

The oxcart is from Front Rank Figurines, and I usually use it for my French Indian War - French detachment.

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