08 March 2011

Incursion news!

If you haven't seen the link on the Incursion forum already then check out this article about Incursion and Jim & John Bailey ,creators of Incursion http://www.mysanantonio.com/life/article/INCURSION-OF-IMAGINATIVE-PLAY-1042292.php

I thought it was well written and very interesting :-)

And if you have been wondering about the Incursion expansion its nearing completion - and it will be printed locally in the US this time around so expect shipping after the release date to be faster.

A nice sneak preview of Zip Kelly the Hurricane artwork http://www.grindhousegames.com/blogs/incursion-blog/2812812-zip-kelly-the-hurricane

And the Andy Cooper / West Wind "Drohne" that already has rules for Secrets of the Third Reich and which stands you could find in the Incursion boxed set. From playtesting experience I can tell that these are a great asset for the Germans who lacks the shooting power of the allies in Incursion. And they are pretty good in SoTR as well with their twin linked packed LMG's.

Link to the Incursion forum http://forums.grindhousegames.com/index.php

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  1. I agree - good article!

    Looking forward to the expansion :-)


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