22 March 2011

Mad Scientist

I've been saving a few 28mm models for special occasion, and after having painted a bunch of 15mm models I treated myself with two of the models I had saved. I also knew that they would require a bit more joy to be put into the paintjob so painting them right up after finishing all the Polish models I currently had at home for my 15mm Polish army seemed like a good moment - going from barely any details to 28mm miniatures to flex those brush muscles haha.

This is a model by Uncle Mike’s, intended to be used as a Mad Scientist for Strange Aeons. Since he was holding a corpse and injecting it with something I thought about Incursion and Dr Hugo von X. There was talk about introducing him as the final playable family member for the crazy von X villains but those plans got scrapped. But I think he would pass for a Hugo von X character, and he is the same scale as the Incursion range so why not use him as an objective marker or VIP model.
Another thing, this sculpt of the mad scientist strongly resembles the Battlestar Galactica doctor haha, google it and you’ll see what I mean!

I think think this is the coolest human model in the Uncle Mike's range and paints up really well.

The white labcoat is painted according to this tutorial I made a while back:

If you wonder what the other model I painted is, it’s the Hasslefree Alice in Wonderland miniature. Awesome model, I’ll put it up on the blog later this week. Thinking of making one or two card soldiers as well to go along with it at some point :-)


  1. Very at home in the German lab under Gibraltar - well done!

  2. Thanks, kinda reminded me that I need to matt varnish my Incursion stuff too, one of a few exceptions in my collection at this point.

  3. great job anatoli!! i've finally gotten some APEs so i'll be blogging about them soon!

  4. What model is that? I can't find it under any of the stores you've mentioned.

  5. TheGodOfNothing , that is a limited edition "Uncle Mike's" miniature for Strange Aeons. He will be released officially along with a few other thematically similar models according to Uncle MIike's.

    You may drop them an email to check the exact release date of that blister though.


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