29 March 2011

Polish and German objective markers

I got these great objective markers from Vincent over at Army Group North Miniatures. 4 Polish and 2 German markers. Perfect if you want to use them as objective markers or to show who has current ownership over a terrain piece or a section of the table.

The Polish markers are actually sporting the Polish army badge, used by the ground forces. You can compare it to a replica I have and see they are identical in size and shape.

They are actually super easy to paint, the textures and details are very well cast. They had small air bubbles in a few places - something I would have fixed if my greenstuff had not dried up to become useless! Nothing serious though and what does a few air bubbles matter if the markers look so damn cool?

The German markers were not as exciting compared to the Polish one's, but they look good as well when painted up. Though I think that it would be cool if AGNM could make a mold of either the Iron Cross or infantry assault badge and cast them just like they did with the Polish markers.

Eagle is painted in 4 easy steps, I paint the "ground" around it first, then basecoat it with "Scorched Earth". Second step is "Beasty Brown". Then "Beasty Brown"+"Dead White". Final step is pure "Dead white".

Crown is painted with "Bright Bronze" and then "Shining Gold". The shield is painted with a mix of "Copper" "Bright Bronze" and GW "boltgun metal" about 25-25-50. It does help if you thin the paints a bit with water. I then wash the shield with a 40-60 mix of "Thraka Green" and "Asurmen Blue".

The Polish markers can be used from anything like the interwar period with Soviet Bolshevik war up to modern period stuff like Iraq and Afghanistan if you play stuff like Ambush Alley and use Polish army.


  1. Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.



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