19 March 2011

Polish Campaign update

Started compiling stuff for the Polish campaign I intend to use for Early War FoW today, I realized soon enough that I just couldn't make a 3 sentence summary of each battle and attach a map drawn in MS paint. This will need to become something bigger and cooler than that. So I intend to put some real effort into this project and compile everything in a PDF file and upload it on the internet so that anyone interested in a Polish campaign can download it for free.

The idea is to have one page of backstory, and one page with a map and suggestion of forces.

The main focus will be on the battles against German forces, but I will include a few Soviet clashes as well so that I won't have to rewrite the PDF later. I should also be able to include pics of painted models and a few other things to make it resemble my Polish OoB PDF which I wrote for Secres of the Third Reich.

I was also working on a tutorial for how to paint Polish tanks, vehicles and artillery (the way I paint them) today. I'll upload that along with a "Tank Company" picture early next week.

There will also be a few scratch built bunkers for a future "battle of Wizna"  being over the coming week, have all the materials I need for that little terrain building project.

I was also thinking about barbed wire obstacles, I have a lot of old GW barbed wire which should work just fine.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds good!!!, great photo's especially the cavalry one.


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