31 March 2011

Polish Colonel of Infantry 1813

This was my first 54mm and resin model alike, bought it at the same time as the Russian grenadiers http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/2010/09/borodino-7-sep-1812-vignette.html and it was painted around the same time. For some reason I had not matt varnished this model, so I made a few touch ups on the paintjob, mainly darkening the gold and fixing the text on the parchment, and matt varnished him today.

Some of you might have seen this model before, but I hope that the matt varnish brings out more of the paintjob than could previously be seen.


  1. That Polish Colonel is outstanding...great painting

  2. Thanks! As I said it was my first large scale miniature so I really had to fumble in the dark on how to paint him. Was a good learning model as I think the Russian Grenadiers that I painted shortly after this one ended up better :-)

    The M Models stuff from JadarHobby PL are dirt cheap as well for such large resin models!


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