18 March 2011

Possible Enclave troopers

I got a pack of these "Viridian Interdict marines" sprues last week, figured I would use them as Enclave troops from Fallout for my Fallout project. Just assembled 2 of them so far and test painted one - the one that was ruined by matt varnish. Still looks like crap but at least you get the idea of how the plastics look when painted.

I think they could pass for Space Marine knockoffs, and they should pass for enclave when properly painted. Even though there are differences in the armor details- and helmets. Though seeing as the power armor design keeps changing from each Fallout game (Fallout 1/2/Tactics/3) this shouldn't pose a problem.

The pack is dirt cheap, 60SEK/roughly 10 USD for 10 minis. Only 2 weapon choices and head types though, but the major weakness are the weapons/hands that for some reason aren't made to fit all. You have to cut away the grip of the weapon and glue it straight on the clenched fists of the troopers.

The pieces don't offer that many possibilities for posing either, that won't be a problem for myself since I don't think I'll need more than 5 Enclave guys, but if you plan to use these models in larger quantities you might want to cut off limbs and reposition them with the help of green stuff to make a more diverse looking group.

You can get them from Void, the Viridian range. In Sweden they are sold here


Standing next to 2 CombatZone miniatures.


  1. I like these guys! Are they in 28mm or 15mm?

  2. All the models are 28mm multi part plastics :-)


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