12 March 2011

This town aint big enough for the 3 of us

Played a game of Legends of the Old West today, first one in a very long while. Think last time was ... during the summer? I had even forgotten how good looking the rulebook was as I pulled it of my shelf last night. Played a "free for all" with 3 gangs fighting each other for control of the small town.

Two gangs of Outlaws and one gang of Cowboys. Each gang was built on 200$ lists. We just built the gangs straight from the "non campaign" section of the book, so weapons like sawed of shotguns, heavy pistols and repeating rifles were included in each gangs inventory to various extent.

The board was made up of a Deadwood'eque bunch of ragtag buildings and small clusters of trees. The forest terrain was not counted as area terrain, each tree provided cover if you stood directly or partially behind it though.

Not much more to tell, I threw in a few "innocent bystanders"/"curious airheads not concerned with their own personal safety" to litter the sidewalks of the town. I can say that my Outlaw gang won control of the town as it was the only one that did not run for the hills due to heavy losses. It was a fun game, sometimes it's cool to just pick up a game that don't involve too much thinking and just have a good time with it.


  1. I love legends of the high seas. Its fantastic!! The ship rules are amazing and you can use the rules for so many other time periods. Haven't played this but looks fun. Where did you get the terrain?

  2. The houses are made from balsa, don't know about the trees but the bases are just a piece of wood and sand with PVA and a bit of paint, real easy stuff to do :-)

  3. I got a great laugh out of the Bandito in the box! May have to borrow that idea!


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