01 April 2011

Armia Krajowa, 55RP armylist for SoTR

Busy weekend with a gameday tomorrow down at the club and the Sci Fi convention this sunday.

I plan to play my Polish partisan platoon, built upon a tweaked Doomsday Partisan OoB. Though I added a lot of unit types and special units myself to make it more a Warsaw Uprising 1944 themed force than the generic resistance fighters of the Partisan OoB. You can find all the special and tweaked units in my Polish OoB PDF, just click and download it for free - it's located in the "links of interest" box. The PDF also contains a few tweaks if you want to play a Polish platoon under Soviet command, or play a Western allied platoon. Also added a couple early war units such as cavalry and the TKS tankettes.

Anyway, the armylist I wrote for tomorrows 55RP game looks like this:

Veteran 5RP

Partisan Hero (Free)
Armia Krajowa Cameraman 3RP

2x Armia Krajowa partisan bands with SMG/Semi automatic rifle mix 10RP
1x Lesni squad 5RP
1x LMG team 3RP
1x Flamethrower team 2RP
1x Kedyw Squad 6RP

1x Light mecha, light vehicle armor, lmg & flamethrower 6RP
1x Sdkfz 251 with pintle mounted HMG 4RP
1x Hetzer (medium armor house rule 11RP)


Not sure what opposition they will face. But I'll see if I can take pictures and throw together a battle report or something if time permits.

Latest addition is the Flamethrower team. I also got a few spare models which I prepped today. They will form a HMG team and a AT team. Need to get me 2 sniper models as well.

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