21 April 2011

Commission painted Marine Officer

The two most important thing of being a marine officer, great sense of humor and able to dress like a dandy. You see how happy this guy is? Nothing like hunting pirates in your Sunday best.

I was a little short in time today, so the last 2 marines will be painted tomorrow. The little plume/flower on his hat was made out of some greenstuff I had left over from doing the base and masking the joint on the sword arm. I think it adds a little more character to his hat which otherwise is identical to the ones worn by the marines.


  1. Please stop it - you are giving my a bug for Pirate gaming!!!!

    I have chosen you to receive the Stylish Blogger Award. The details can be found here:

  2. Haha, just 2 more to go :D

    Thanks for the nomination!


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