22 April 2011

Commission painted Marines finished

Last two Black Scorpion Miniatures marines finished today. I like the models from Black Scorpion despite them being incompatible with pretty much everything else on the market (being 32mm large sculpts). Main reason is that they have a lot of character to them, the faces are almost "cartoony"  in their style and thus paint up with ease. The other thing, and I this is really a personal preference, but the models no matter what range they are from be it Pirates or Western stuff - are not cluttered with lots of tiny objects and details.

This makes them "clean" to paint as you can focus on large areas of fabric and stuff that really matters. I love details on a model, but when every single miniature has 5 belts, 4 swords, 2 daggers, 1 potion, 1 backpack, 2 pouches, 1 hat with 3 gems and 5 feathers etc it really bogs down the model to the point of looking either like a salesman or a packrat.

This concludes the commission painting for now. I have been asked about commission painting from two other potential customers but I need to plan those assignments so that it fits in with my schoolwork. But it's nice to take some commission from time to time as it brings something fresh to the blog and I get to paint stuff I wouldn't normally paint

Some stuff coming up this weekend and next week include:

- 3rd part of "Know your support option" for Secrets of the Third Reich

- My musings around the Game of Thrones tv series that started a couple of days ago, watched the first episode twice taking some notes during my second watch, should be interesting enough for both readers of the books and newcomers to the world of Westeros. And I would really like to compare opinions with people who saw the episode and read the books.

- A review of the Battlestar Galactica Online game, registered yesterday to check it out and I'll probably want to spend a few days on it before I pass judgment.

- Assembling and starting to paint that Polish cavalry.

Some other cool stuff down the road, depending on when orders arrive

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