14 April 2011

Commission painted pirates part 1

3 out of 5 pirates from Black Scorpion Miniatures that I received as a commission, remaining 2 will be painted tomorrow. The customer is a member of Lead Adventure Forum - and had bought the Ghost Pirates I had for sale a while back. This commission will complete his little pirate force.

The bases are 25mm lipped resin bases, I filled them with metal and greenstuffed the surface to look like planks.


  1. *Great* work!

    The 'red' Ghost Pirate in tricorne would make a striking zombie leader in a FIW setting...

  2. Yeah, was it Conquest Miniatures that released the Zombie native americans btw? I saw a picture of such models floating about the internet.

    Gunpowder weapons and zombies would kick ass, I would love to weird up my F&IW games.

  3. I suggest that the best (and in most cases only) way to have zombies appropriate for the place and time -by their ethnicity, their clothes, their equipment...- is to *make your own*. Just like human bit players / extras / chorus are turned into zombies for the movies and TV industry: torn clothes and make-up (painting, here).

  4. I agree - I'm going to make some Viking Zombies in the near future for a "Valhalla revsiited" style scenario!

    Great figs as always Anatoli - love the red bandanna guy in particualr. I would never have gone for that colour coat but you've really pulled it off beautifully


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