15 April 2011

Commission painted pirates part 2

Last 2, pirate in red is the Captain. The other one I would like to think of as the second in command.

Black Scorpion Miniatures really know how to sculpt interesting miniatures, and with the amount of Pirate adventures posted on Lead Adventure Forum and elsewhere I'm a bit tempted myself to make some kind of Treasure Island skirmish - Long John Silver limping about shouting orders... would be awesome. Though I'll have to restrain myself due to lack of space at home and really no people interested in that kind of stuff around here.

I hope these pirates will see lots of games at the hands of the customer.

As someone might notice there is one tiny conversion on both the pirate with the green jacket and the pirate captain in red.

The pirate in green has had his pistolhand chopped off and replaced with one of the captain cutlass hands - and the pistol hand has been given to the captain.

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff, very nice figs once again

    I think some small piratey skirmishing would be grand matey!


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