25 April 2011

Early War Polish - Cavalry command

Assembled the models earlier this weekend and painted up the two command stands according to how I want the rest of the cavalry to look. Slight changes from the "test model" I painted over a month ago - the straps, belts and bags are all painted in the same color as the infantry. And the horses will all be dark grey to make the riders stand out a lot more.

The cavalry models shown are all True North miniatures from OldGlory, and a mix of Field Cap and Adrian Helmet cavalry blisters - as well as the Cavalry command blister. The model holding the banner came with a molded banner pole but it was made of such soft metal that it kept bending. So I took one of my small iron "pikes" bought from Front Rank Figurines and shortened it a bit. I then cut off the top of the molded banner and glued it on top of my shortened shaft - glued it onto the rider and made a flag out of a double folded piece of paper (like I do all my flags). It’s cut into perfect shape so that you can fold evenly- you have to brush PVA glue both on the inside and on the outside of the flag. You can also shape it while the PVA glue is wet as I did.

There will be a tutorial on how I painted the cavalry later this week - took some pictures while I was paintind with a step by step tutorial in mind.

Just hit me that I forgot to take a size comparison picture of the cavalry next to the Forged in Battle. But if you have followed this project you have most likely seen the "test model" stand amidst the infantry. The size of the TN/OG fits perfectly with FiB. I think the Battlefront cavalry will look way too large compared to FiB Polish infantry. I will take a comparison picture next time I do an update on this platoon. 4 large and 1 small stand to go. Not that bad really, and more fun to paint than infantry, glad I could take a break from those.


  1. Looking so great! Man, you need to fly to the states and face my Panzers :)

  2. That would be something - visiting the US. It would be great, though I would need a month or more so I could check out conventions and visit my friends from Grindhouse Games down in Texas as well.

    Wonder if my miniatures would survive such an adventure though.

    If I somehow won or inherited a large amount of cash I would be over in the pond in no time :D

  3. Great I have BF one yes they are lager ,but I was given a box set of polish infantry they were BF ones so all looks right.
    Southern Tasmania

  4. Russel, I don't think the BF cavalry is bad. The reason I went for True North is only because I had the smaller Forged in Battle infantry making up the bulk of my army. Having the BF cavalry would not look right as the models are different size between FiB and BF :-)


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