30 April 2011

Early War Polish - Cavalry Platoon

After some delay I finished this platoon this afternoon. No doubt it will become one of my favorite units. They were somewhat more fun to paint than the infantry but I don’t know if I would have liked to paint a full company. I might buy one more platoon in the future but for now they will have to do. They will be needed to act as a fast response unit and to flank enemy artillery with their “Bypassed” rule.

I have 2 infantry platoons and a full scout platoon left to paint.

I have actually painted Polish cavalry before but in 28mm as I have a small unit from Warlord Games as well. Them I use for my Polish platoon in Secrets of the Third Reich.


  1. Lovely figures Anatoli, both the 15mm and 28mm are brilliant.

  2. nice work, the quality of the paint work on the 15s is great!

  3. Thanks! :D

    The 28's are great fun to play with as well, using custom rules for SoTR as I didn't find the cavalry rule of the main rulebook to be representative enough.


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