05 April 2011

Early War Polish - Ckm wz.30 platoon

Here are some painted up Forged in Battle Polish HMG teams.

Sandbags are made out of greenstuff, I also made 2 small bases out of one medium base since I was running low on those. Just cut a medium base in half and trimmed the sharp edges.

Really need to buy new detail brushes before I continue painting my 15mm stuff. The Forged in Battle have slightly smaller details than the battlefront miniatures, especially ammo pouches and belts are slightly trickier to paint if you don't have a small and sharp brush. I do like the rifles more on the FiB miniatures, other than that I guess it's a matter of how much you want to spend and if you already have miniatures from Battlefront or Forged in Battle. As I said in my previous entry you can't mix BF and FiB miniatures since they are different size. If you're starting from scratch I think you'll save some money going for the FiB stuff.

FiB infantry also have less chunky and less thick cast base. The Battlefront cast bases are massive and take a lot of work trimming down if you don't want to use putty or something to conceal them. The FiB are still thick enough to be visible if you just apply sand straight onto them without trimming them down a bit - but trimming them down is easier because they are as I said less thick and less chunky.

Forged in Battle to the left on both pictures, and Battlefront to the right.

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