12 April 2011

Early War Polish - First platoon taking shape

"Only 9 stands to go", LOL!

No I'm not regretting my choice of going for the Infantry Battalion because that will without doubt be the most fun and all-round force to play with. And I have always been an “infantry” player regardless of game, I collected Empire for WHFB and Imperial Guard for WH40k back in the days, and painted 5 platoons for Secrets of the Third Reich in recent times.

I will just have to take my time, assembling one platoon at a time to retain my morale and mental harmony, and paint them in parts of 3-5 stands at a time. I really hate painting an entire unit at the same time, painting boots for 5 hours one day and belt buckles for 5 hours the next day. I do prefer to have something completed at the end of my painting session to feel some sort of satisfaction.

I won't spam with more pictures of the 15mm Polish infantry until I get the entire platoon painted.

Btw, that light mortar is made out of two trimmed toothpicks. I was considering using my leftover medium mortars - but then only 2 out of 3 platoons would have the same kind of mortar. And those medium mortars are quite big as well. No one will notice the toothpick-mortars for what they are at this tabletop level anyway.

What really bothered me today was the worn out "detail brushes" I have at home, slows things down and makes it harder to paint. I was buying painting supplies yesterday but the store where I usually buy my brushes were all out of the kind I like. Will check with them again tomorrow, will be crucial with some commission painting around the corner.


  1. Strong work my friend. Are these Forged in Battle or Flames of war ?

  2. These are Forged in Battle.

    The 3 platoons I'm going to paint are all Forged in Battle (only non FiB in those platoons are the AT rifle teams which are OldGlory.

    All AT guns and vehicles except FT-17 tanks are Battlefront. Some infantry from OldGlory will be mixed with FiB to make a scout platoon. The cavalry platoon will also be OldGlory.

    But it has been my plan from the start to use as much Forged in Battle stuff as possible - mainly because they are cheaper but there was something slightly off with the Battlefront Polish infantry helmets (looked like eggs) and the bases on all BF models are so thick they require a lot of trimming.

    Quality is high on both the BF castings and FiB stuff I've come into contact with.

  3. Top quality stuff Anatoli - as usual!


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