04 April 2011

Forged in Battle 15mm review

I received the Polish Early War company box from Forged in Battle this weekend and these guys will make up the bulk of my Polish infantry. I thought it would be interesting to check out the models before I paint them, and also compare them to OldGlory/TrueNorth and Battlefront.

The stuff I got (and I sorted the models from each box so that I could build teams according to the Blitzkrieg stands) left me with a couple of spare miniatures from each Platoon box.

So this means I get 1 Battalion command with 2 mortars. 1 HMG section. 3 Infantry Platoons and using a mix of spare Forged in Battle models and my OG/TN infantry I can build a scout platoon with 2 scout sections. All 3 infantry platoons will receive an Anti Tank rifle, 2 of the 3 platoons will get one of my spare mortar teams - I plan to use them with 2 man only and trim the mortar pieces to look more like light mortars.

This should give me:

Battalion HQ w 2 mortars : 75pts
3 Infantry platoons with anti tank rifles, 2 light mortars and 1 machine gun platoon: 730pts
Scout platoon 195pts

The plan is to paint up a Infantry company as support for my tank company for the upcoming 1500pts Early War game during Easter. That's 3 weeks away. Painting 2 platoons, Battalion HQ and HMG support to fill those points should be possible.

Here are some comparison shots.
First picture: Battlefront tankette, FiB, OldGlory/TrueNorth, FiB

As you can see the FiB and OG/TN stuff could be mixed since the size of the miniatures are very close. The TG/OG have slightly slimmer weapons and different style on the sculpting obviously but I'll see how they look when painted. From a TT perspective you should not be able to notice stuff like that.
Second picture
OG/TN, FiB and Battlefront
Clearly the Battlefront miniatures are larger and bulkier than both FiB and OG/TN. There is no way you will be able to mix models within a unit. To make a comparison, it would be like mixing 25mm and 28mm miniatures within the same unit. Weapons, and bodies are just different size, clearly visible even from a certain range. Mixing FiB and Battlefront within the same army could still be done the way I'm going to do - keeping both separated in their own units. I only have Battlefront artillery as I planned on using FiB from the beginning. The smaller OG/TN cavalry looks perfect next to the FiB infantry.
Last picture, Peter Pig, FiB and Battlefront. I don't see any real problem using FiB with any of these other two when it comes to vehicles. True that the tanks look a tiny bit larger but I don't think it is as obvious as if when you would use 28mm miniatures with 1:60 tanks instead of 1:56.
Check in again soon for some pictures of painted Forged in Battle models for further evaluation. As I write this I'm waiting for the PVA to dry completely before I sculpt sandbags in front of those HMG teams.

Some people complain about the FiB tanks coming with a cast base - I'm on the opposite side as I would like to base all my tanks, problem is finding bases that fit perfectly in the sense that you cover 90% of the base with the vehicle and don't leave too large a edge visible as it might impact both the look and gaming aspects. The FiB cast bases seem to be the perfect size throughout. Too bad they did not have any Early War vehicles to go with the infantry.


  1. good review i have been eye balling this company for a while.

  2. cheers for the review very informative

  3. Nice review, thanks

  4. Always happy to do informative stuff that can help people :-)

  5. Thank you very much for the review. It is very useful for the one who considers buying FIB minis for FOW.

    If you are interested I published the review of Steyr cars by FiB:

  6. Thanks Mirek, I for one like the idea of bases for vehicles so that would not bother me as much. But I do understand people not liking it :-)


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