06 April 2011

SNAFU! Incursion Expansion pre-order!

The Incursion expansion finally made it to pre-order. Release dates are mid-may 2011 for North and South America and Australia, and early to mid June for Europe. Start saving up some cash as there will not only be a new 64 page rulebook containing 19 scenarios, more backstory and fluff pieces, cool artwork and rules for all the new units as well as a updated FAQ for the core game!
I can promise they are all mindblowingly good since I was along for the testing. The guy who wrote the scenarios managed to really push the Incursion board to the limit in terms of variety of the missions and making them all feel new, fresh and unique.

There will be new game mechanics for some of the missions, and you will get both a 2-player and solo play experience from the mission book - as well as missions that use both sides of the board and two boards at the same time! The MI-13 will finally get their own missions as well as a crossover with the Lucky 7th. Many of the new units make the game an even more twisted and fun experience as they bring their own unique rules and special abilities to the table.

The new Grindhouse release models include a new Blitzhund model, 6 converted Sturmzombies, MI-13 character Zip Kelly, Panzeraffe, the Bazooka APE and MI-13 Light mech Gracie!
Don't forget the already released West Wind model for the "Drohne" for which you will find the rules in the expansion book!

Read Jim Bailey's complete message on the release here: 

Pre-orders will start tonight over at the Grindhouse store!


  1. Those new models look awesome! Plus the expansion rules and scenarios seems like a good fit.

  2. Hmmm. That Panzeraffe reminds me of Pulp City's Guerilla fig...

  3. Lovely figures, but a British bloke called "Zip"? 8-)

  4. pulp city's gorillass always reminded me of the gorillas from Crunchy Frog critter commandoes. there's even one in a t shirt and headband. Panzeraffe looks kickass in any case...

  5. The shirt will be great for freehand painting. I think I will greenstuff the cap to look more like a german field cap though, not much work there :-)


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