02 April 2011

SS recon vs US (Flames of War)

Ended up playing a Flames of War demo game today - 1000pts and 2 players per side. One side being German the other US. 2 Objectives in each player deployment, and a village in the middle. Terrain was sparse and tactics straightforward and blunt for the purpose of the demo.

It was the first time Micke played with this many recon vehicles, and they surprised him greatly with their efficiency as they dodged bullets and kicked ass.

But it was fun nonetheless. The armies belong to two FoW players in our gaming group, Micke and Peter. Both have large FoW model and terrain collections, Micke has a FoW table as well at his place. We agreed to play a 4 player Early war game at Micke's place during in a couple weeks time (around easter). Will give me some time to paint up my Forged in Battle infantry that I received today!

Peter has also ordered the Polish train! Great things to come for FoW in our gaming group.

I took pictures during the game, and also did a bit of recording so you can see how the game progressed from start to finish in my video clip on youtube. For some stupid reason it won't allow it to be linked directly to my blog. Could be something with the music rights, I've noticed that not all my YouTube videos show up when I want to link directly from YouTube.....

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STemtqhdNtI


  1. Great post and great video too!

  2. Thanks, I will do better AAR videos in the future - I have some ideas of how to best shoot stuff with my camera, and will edit the videos with more effort. This was pretty much thrown together :-)


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