16 April 2011

US vs Polish [Secrets of the Third Reich]

Played a 55RP SoTR battle today against one of the local players at the club who borrowed my US platoon. I played my Polish army - according to the UK OoB as usual.

Army lists looked like this:


Body Armor + Veteran 5RP

Command squad 6RP
2x Armored Infantry w Packed LMG 14RP
Medium mortar 4RP
Engineer Squad w Flamethrower 5RP
HMG team 3RP

Chameleon Snipers 6RP
APE squad w HMG 8RP
Comanche w Flamethrower 4RP


Body Armor + Veteran 6RP

Command + Battle Chaplain 5RP
Rifle squad w Packed LMG, Anti Mech, Piat-D 7RP
Rifle squad w Anti mech ,  Piat-D 6RP
Sniper Team 4RP
2x Anti Mech rifle team 2RP
HMG team 3RP

British Steel 6RP
Templar Assault squad w Packed LMG 6RP
2x TKS tankette w HMG 10RP

Scenario was All out Push, one of the hardest scenarios to win as the attacker as you have to haul ass, often across unforgiving terrain in order to even reach the first line of defense 24" from your deployment zone. Terrain did not favor any attacks - there was too little terrain to pick from today making the table look a bit empty. The US platoon rolled to defend. The first turn the Polish inflicted some nice blows to the defenders. One small fire team killing 3 enemy soldiers and destroying the flamethrower arm on the Comanche mecha, 2 APE's were killed as well as some other mixed fire team infantry. The return fire did kill 1 British Steel.

Turn 2 however the US won initiative and started to really dig in along the frontline with the buildings, getting perfect crossfire
positions across the entire table halting any advance into the open space between their buildings and the Polish positions.  During turn 2 and 3 both sides took serious amounts of casualties. Heavy machineguns mowing down infantry, sniper fire exchange, US mortar fire getting closer to enemy positions and started to kill troops. Polish tankettes on both flanks tried to clear some areas for the infantry advance ultimately killing the APE squad and making the US troops take up position in the center of the table - inside good cover among the ruins. 

Turn 4 the US mecha made a crazy assault - trying to ram the Polish tankette, the hit did nothing to damage the tiny vehicle though. The battle had long since become a stalemate, it was all about killing for revenge of destroyed units now. The US mecha succeeded in ramming and in the process killing the crew inside on the following turn. Polish command squad ran out of their cover and placed explosive charges on the mecha which resulted in a leg reduction - the mech pilot bailed and started firing on a nearby Polish fire team. Chaos if ever there was one. The remaining tankette mopped up some US fire team members, while infantry on both sides exchanged grenade attacks killing half a dozen soldiers on both sides that turn.

Turn 5 and 6 the battle was over, lone survivors and what remained of a few fire teams kept firing at everything that moved on the opposite side. Lots of sniper action and aimed shots from mech rifle teams. The US mortar became disorganized and the last Templar Assault soldiers was killed. Chameleon snipers managed to shoot up the remaining tankette so that one of the crewmen was killed and the other bailed. Both the crewman and the US mortar remained disorganized for the remainder of the game.

In terms of objectives, the Polish attack was a complete failure, no scoring unit was even close to the first line of defense. It was just impossible to advance through such well defended position - and staying in their own deployment zone meant being in the open and fired at by 60% of the enemy army at all times. Both sides ended up well bled however, the US should consider this a Pyrrhic Victory. You can check the last 4 pictures, on how much remained and how much was killed on both sides.

 Polish survivors and KIA pile

 US survivors and KIA pile


  1. Great post - detailed description and lovely eye candy as always! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks guys. As a sidenote, I'm always surprised on how well the tankettes play. They are Light armor to the front, have a fixed HMG, speed class 2, small chassis, crew 2. Very similar to regular light mechas, though their small frame often gives them the edge over mechas as they can hide behind more terrain than other vehicles!

  3. where are your models from? Also, I would like a ww2 skirmish based games with no fantasy stuff. Can I use the rules from this game for this?

  4. @ Eddie, models for the Americans are West Wind SoTR range, with some Grindhouse (Incursion APE models) miniatures.

    The Polish are all Warlord Games.

    Yes the rules for SoTR are generic in their core and work very well with regular WW2 stuff. The "weird" additions have their own section with all the special rules and whatnot. The rulebook also contains the stats for roughly 140 historical tanks, SPG's, trucks, AT guns etc for the US/UK/German/Soviets.

    If you want a "pure" version of the SoTR rules, then John Bailey wrote a WW2 1944 version of the rules with a few tweaks and army lists for Soviet/US/Germany/UK included in the " Bellum Europa" PDF free downloadable rulebook.

    You can download it and check out the rules and armylists here (need to register on the forum to get access to the Download section though) http://secretsofthethirdreich.com/forums/index.php?topic=2525.0


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