10 May 2011

95 trimmed and assembled miniatures later

In order to make the most of my spray gun and the thinned down Khemri brown paint that make up the basecoat I thought it would be best to assemble as much as possible in one go.

One platoon of infantry and one scout platoon , 95 miniatures in total, later my hands felt as if i had climbed a cliff for 5 hours. Never had such weird feelings in my knuckles and my thumb was sore. I don't think people know how much trimming it takes - the models may be small but they have the same hairline mouldlines just like 28mm models.

Trimming and assembling miniatures of any scale is always dull and tedious work. The only thing that made it worth my time was the undercoating of the two platoons with the GW spray gun. I would go insane if I had to undercoat by hand. It was truly a good buy, however crappy it might be. The amount of bases that needed undercoating was more than last time I used the spray gun so I felt how ice cold the propellant can went - but managed to finish my undercoating before it froze up completely so I had to change propellant cans.

Looking at it from the bright side I "only" have one more platoon of infantry to assemble after I paint these two up.

A few details worth mentioning, I had two 8cm mortars left so I chopped them in half to make them smaller and used them for "light mortars" instead of making my own out of toothpicks. The platoon commanders of second and third platoon are junior officers hence their helmets instead of Rogatywka cap.

The scout platoon, will be made up of 2 sections. One of the rifle bases has been upgraded to a anti tank rifle team. The anti tank rifle is a converted rifleman - I trimmed down his rifle and attached a metal rod in its place. At tabletop distance this converted anti tank rifle looks just marginally thicker than the True North anti tank rifles. I did the same for the cavalry anti tank rifle team.

The scout rifle stands, are supposed to be 5 miniatures per base. But I scaled it down to 4 for multiple reasons. Most of the scout stands will serve double as dismounted cavalry, hence the "S" marking for scout platoon and "C" for dismounted cavalry dpending on how I play them. The amount of miniatures per base would thus match the cavalry better. 4 miniatures per base also felt more fitting for a scout unit.

This platoon is also made up of left over Forged in Battle miniatures along with the few True North infantry I had ordered by mistake. Those miniatures mix fairly well in regard to height.

But the True North are the slimmest models out of True North/Forged in Battle/Battlefront. And they also have the smallest details. I prefer the Forged in Battle models as their details are in between the Battlefront and True North miniatures. The FiB Rogatywka caps and Polish helmets look the best as well. The True North minis are on the thin side as well and made out of softer metal that make them bend and break more easily than either FiB and BF.


  1. It's insane, my index finger still aches a little from the cleaning session!


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