09 May 2011

Blood Bowl - Orc team test model

Another little Blood Bowl post. I might have mentioned that I got a bag of Orcs from my good friend Calle/Millmir a while back. They've just been piling up in one of my model boxes for a good while - but I figured I would use the Orc team for "taking a break" painting sessions when I get too tired of painting 15mm stuff.

I decided they would get a bit more attention to detail than my human team, I no longer have to rush the paintjob to get a complete playable team for Blood Bowl with the humans done. So the Orcs will be painted one at a time to ensure higher quality - but it has also to do with the sculpts themselves of which half look really boring/bad. Rushing through bad models will just make a crappy paintjob. Don't know if that makes any sense, but that's how I feel about painting uninteresting stuff.

As you can see I decided for a slightly different skintone than the green - which I always thought looked ridiculous. I actually hate pretty much all Games Workshop Orcs - they look more comical and stupid than intimidating killing machines. Hopefully the different skin will make them look a bit tougher.

The skin is inspired by a Swedish painter Stefan (Steulf) who paints all his orcs in a very similar fashion (though much much better). Primed black, the skin is painted with a 50-50 mix of Vallejo Scorched Earth and US army green, washed with Leviathan Purple and them I add both Khaki and Tanned Flesh to the skin mix. I can't really tell the ratio of paints as I was experimenting but skin is painted with about 5-6 layers, the last being almost pure Khaki. The lip is Dwarf Flesh over the basecoat green/brown color.

The armor is black, then Charadon Granite washed with Badab Black. Highlighted with Black mixed with Stonewall grey. It might be the first time I succeeded in painting something resembling black iron.

I also ordered the Troll and Ogre models from Black Scorpion Miniatures to boost both my human and orc team with a "big guy" player. Been planning on doing that for a good while and had some cash over for that purchase this month. So expect to see some more orcs up on the blog from time to time in the near future.


  1. Great looking Orc ! 28mm is a nice break from the 15mm lot for sure ...

  2. Yes, my hands are numb from cleaning a pile of 15mm 2 days ago. A platoon of infantry (and a scout platoon for my Polish - have a WIP picture of them up tomorrow. Started painting the scout platoon since I figured I would at least have one more playable painted up unit within 2-3 days.

    Thank God for the GW spray gun, again, it saved me several hours of basecoating everything in Khemri Brown.

  3. Nice work, the new flesh tone looks good, more grimy and mean than GW green orcs, which do look a bit super fantasy

  4. I too like the flesh tone - very LOTR style colour as opposed to the usuaul green hues.

    I have the orc team from the boxed set waiting for attention- my 10yr old lad has claimed them as his team "Skull Crushers"

  5. I found the plastic humans that came with the box to look excellent- the orc didn't really match the metal sculpts I got. But the game is great fun so painting up two teams would be worth it even if the models are rather dull :-)


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