13 May 2011

Early War Polish - Scout platoon

Finished the scout platoon today, made it a full 2 section unit. 1 command, 7 rifle stands and one rifle stand turned into a Anti Tank rifle team as an upgrade. 9 stands in total.

Also made sure to take some slightly better pictures this time around.

I'm very excited for this Saturday as I'm going to play my first game of Early War with my own Polish against my buddy Widgrens Germans. We have not yet decided for point limit - he has a large 2000pts infantry based German army. We might end up playing a "custom force" to try out as many units as possible outside of the set organizations. We'll see.

The models in this unit are mostly made up of Forged in Battle miniatures, but there are a couple of True North models as well (all models with field caps except for the commander).

In other news, I spend a good 90 minutes ordering some excellent models from Siberian Miniatures this evening, the ones shown below. I really look forward to painting them. I have a soft spot for the Renaissance era Polish-Lithuanian stuff. Thats one Winged Hussar companion, the two Ukrainian Cosacks could either be painted up as allies or part of the Khmelnytsky Uprising.

I love painting large scale 54mm stuff, all 3 models will have mini dioramas of their own.

Apart from that I'm waiting for the Troll and Ogre models for my Blood Bowl teams, the replacement Lovecraft monsters from the Frothers UK Shop and there might be more pirate models on their way for commission painting.


  1. The 15mm Poles look good. I particularly like the officer/command (he looks very commanding), and what I assume is the anti-tank rifle team.

    It's funny that so many mini painters are gravitating to larger scales... while I myself am slowly painting more and more 15 mm. Maybe it's my increasing amount of other commitments - 15 mm doesn't require quite the blocks of dedicated time that bigger scales do!

  2. I've grown quite fond of the 15mm scale, maybe not the most fun to paint - but I really like the "look" when stuff's painted up and ready to play.

    Yep that's the officer of the unit, love that sculpt - it's one of the Forged in Battle officers. Got 3 of those and a lot of junior officers in helmets also shouting and pointing their rifles in the enemy direction. Some of them which I had left over I simply mixed into the scout platoon stands.

    I don't know if I'll paint any more 15mm after my Polish army is done - at least not for Flames of War. I would be interested in Renaissance Polish with all the winged hussars that would include :-P Though no one plays that era where I live (that's why I ordered those 54mm miniatures to compensate by painting lust of those kind of models).


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