15 May 2011

Early War Polish - wz34 armored cars WIP

I bought 3 wz.34 armored car models yesterday during the gameday down at the club. The models are QRF and are decent, though they could have had a bit more pronounced hull details. The downside was that they all came with the light at gun while I needed them all with machineguns.

This is just another unit I bought because they look "cool" , their combat stats are not impressive, wheeled armored cars with no armor and 1 mg, they come in units of 3 and one can be upgraded with a RoF 1 at gun which is a waste. I would gladly have used them in all my games, they are dirt cheap, but they can only be used with the tank company and the cavalry. And when used they take up the same slot which is used by the TKS tankettes that are much better and come in greater numbers per platoon.

On the other hand, yesterdays game showed pretty well that mixing units from other army organizations didn't break the balance, and my plan has been all the time to create a campaign for the summer break where I could play more historical forces and create scenarios that maybe aren't even looking at it from a points value.

In any case, I had saved the small weapon sprues from the Tank Company box, the leftovers from my Tankettes - 3 MG's were used to replace the AT guns on the small turrets. I also  mounted the cars on 1mm thick plasticard bases to make them easier to pick up and handle (just like the tankettes).

Below are some historical photos of the wz.34 car. The camo was changed during the interwar period. It started out with patches in something called "Japanese camo", but was changed in 1936 to the horisontal camo pattern that was airbrushed onto the vehicles.

It is interesting that Battlefront didn't include the older wz.29 cars that were heavier in armament (4 crew with multple machineguns and an at gun) in the Blitzkrieg book. Another unit beside the left out fighters, bombers and R-35 tanks that should have been included.

You can read more about the wz.29 and wz.34 car following these links:



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