16 May 2011

Early War Polish - wz34 armored cars

Not much to look at maybe but here they are painted up, and size compared to some Forged in Battle infantry.

Again I'm swamped in schoolwork so I'll see how frequent the blog updates will be over the coming 2 weeks.


  1. Well done. Maybe I'm to fussy but I've noticed small discrepancy on your 7tp tank- I mean polish checkerboard marking. It was (and still is) Polish Air Force marking. It was used on tanks only between 1960s and 1980s, rotated 45 degrees.
    Do you have any Polish roots by any chance? Since I started to read your blog I've noticed a lot of Poland related articles:) I'm Polish myself by the way:)

  2. Yep I was born in Poland - being a history nerd and Polish is a potent combo haha!

    Truth to be told Poland’s history fascinates me a lot, not only for patriotic reasons. Pretty much everything from the "golden age" of the 16th century up to and including WW2 interests me. I think the Winged Hussars are the coolest military unit ever, I love how - despite having crappy political leaders the people of Poland fought like crazy at any given opportunity in the multiple uprisings during the 123 years when Poland as a country ceased to exist and the whole spirit of not giving in.

    There will be more Polish stuff in the near future as well - I ordered some very nice Renaissance miniatures including a dismounted Winged Hussar in 54mm scale that will be very fun to paint :-)

  3. It's very refreshing that you don't forget about your birthplace. Yes, Polish history is very chaotic and turbulent. Nevertheless we always managed to survive against the odds and fight back:)
    Are we going to see some Swedish stuff as well?:)
    Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Poland.

  4. Possibly, would love to paint some Great Northern War Swedes. I know that Siberia Miniatures have obtained a range of such models and will release them in the not so distant future. I've seen some of the sculpts and they had a great looking Karl XII and infantry to match. Would make a great mini diorama :-)

  5. How quaint. My first ever scale model was a paper Wz. 34 Armored Car. These things do bring back memories, that's for sure.


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