07 May 2011

Humans vs Amazons [Blood Bowl]

Got to play another game of Blood Bowl today against my buddy Calle, pitting my human team against his Amazons in what would turn out to be a real brawl of a game.

First half started out great, Amazons kicked off and the humans were attacking - the Amazons were struck by bad luck and failed a critical re-roll early on allowing the humans to make a touchdown at the end of turn 2. The Amazons put on their game face and provided harder opposition for the remainder of first half. Inflicting a Knock Out on one of the human Linemen and pushing their way through the pitch - tying up the human defense and slipping through with one Amazon towards a well earned touchdown.

Second half is where the game got serious - and violent. The ball went back and forth between the both teams as the players carrying the ball were tackled and ganged up upon - beaten to a pulp, ending up in the Knock Out or Injured/Dead dugout. Amazons took the ball over to the human half of the pitch, getting beaten back - humans advancing - getting knocked down on their arse again. One of the Amazons, a Blitzer, was killed! Two human players became seriously injured. And a handful of other players ended up in the Knock Out dugout. It took 6 turns of 2nd half before the humans had beaten their way through the opposition and scoring 2-1.

The kickoff event at the start of 7th turn gave the humans one more re-roll, otherwise the kick-off events foreshadowed "a change in weather" only to result in the same "nice weather" no less than 3 times! Not much left to do for either player at this point than to beat up the remainder of the enemy team. So the last 2 turns were dedicated fistfights, sending a few more players to the knockout dugout. The Amazons tried a Foul but rolled a double and had one of their Linemen(women) caught by the judge and sent off the pitch in shame. The humans tried a Foul as well - with 4 players - but only managed to inflict a Knock Out.

The game ended 2-1, a Human victory. 2 human Linemen advanced, one gained +1 Agility, and the other picked the skill Mighty Blow. The human team also earned 35.000 gold and received +1 Fan factor.

The Amazons kept their Fan factor intact and earned 25.000 gold. But the Amazons would have to re-invest that money in a Lineman to fill the gap of the dead Blitzer for the time being. Neither player that was unjured during the game suffered any long term effects.

The yellow number markers are just used to keep track of faceup/facedown players.


  1. Love the field .... homemade ?

  2. My friend bought it from a guy in Belgium who makes awesome custom terrain and blood bowl tables (thib-0 on the SoTR forum)


  3. Nice game report, I've always fancied having a bash at Blood Bowl.


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