23 May 2011

Incursion SNAFU additional mega deals!

Jim over at Grindhouse prepares the release of SNAFU, and there will be a few additional offers and mega deals of the boxed game, expansion book and miniatures in various bundles.

If you have the game already then you will be able to get some of the new stuff at a discount, if you haven't bought the game yet there is a mega deal.

Check out the Grindhouse blog for more information!

And pictures of the new models painted up and ready to go are up as well with the exception of Gracie. That Panzeraffe is gigantic!



  1. Whoah. That is a seriously cool model.

  2. These look superb. Just building my APEs and SWD horde at the moement, so need to fucus ont he core game before moving to this expansion but I'm pretty sure it'll on the must-have list.

  3. Yeah, speaking of that "must have"- I've got a question for you all.

    I'm getting paid again on the 1st right before the release of SNAFU. I don't have Incursion yet, and while I was planning on just picking up some standard SOTR platoons I can't help but bite at their Buckets of Blood deal. EVERYTHING with almost 200 bucks off the price tag.

    While I want this miniatures eventually- is the game enough fun standalone to justify such a specialized investment? I just don't want to miss out.

  4. The game is lots of fun - but it is honestly more fun to play with miniatures than stands. On the other hand , playing with stands won't take up additional space and you won't have to paint lots of miniatures! There is a 3 part review of Incursion on this blog if you look around, IIRC its in the boardgame review section.


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