21 May 2011

Incursion Snafu downloadable resources in PDF

With the release upon us Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games has released all the extra unit cards, mission markers and stuff needed to play with the new models and using the new missions of the SNAFU expansion in one downloadable (and free) PDF file.

You can find it on the Grindhouse Games forum in the download section (might be that you have to register an account to see that particular section of the forum.

You will find printable stands for additional APE's, Bomberzombies, Gracie, all the MI-13 commandos, Zip Kelly, Bazooka APE, Paddy Mayne and mission related counters following the link below:


My tip is that you try to get these printed on a glossy paper and glue them onto 1mm thick plasticard to get sturdy components.

Another good idea it you go for regular paper printouts for the unit cards, put them in plastic card sleeves to make them more durable and prevent "wear and tear". You can get packs of 100 sleeves for something like $ 3-4. The size should be 2 5/8" x 3 5/8".


  1. Thanks for the link!

    I certainly like the Incursion stuff.

    Are their rules for the new models for Secrets of the Third Reich?

    I have been eyeing off DUST Tactics and cannot decide which way to go :)

    Happy Gaming,


  2. @ Alland and Carmen, no crossover rules for SoTR released yet but they are being worked on and they will be released in the near future I believe.


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