05 May 2011

Journey into Madness - Arctic explorers

With the second volume of Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem around the corner, Strange Aeons will most likely incorporate elements that make a good foundation for games where explorers stumble upon some freakish elder race in a damp cave amidst the sea of ice and snow - similar to Lovecrafts novel At the mountains of madness.

These models are from the West Wind blister "Arctic Explorers" and originally contained 4 models, the 4th being a female that I did not fancy so I left her out as I painted up the remaining members of this little expedition. Besides, that sculpt looked more like a pilot than a proper cave explorer.

Need to check with my buddy Widgren on his progress with the modular cavern table he was making for Strange Aeons games a while back. Might be that we get to play on it in the near future.


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