20 May 2011

Journey into Madness - Fledling horror

Another one of the Frothers UK sculpting competition winner miniatures. From the same pack as the previous yellow tentacle creature.

I toyed around with various ideas on how to paint this model, and ended up painting it to look "flayed". The miniature only has a 3 finger claw, and the octopus head resembled the "Bathalian" from Reaper. So I started thinking, maybe this miniature could be used as an "early stage" Bathalian. The octopus head being some kind of parasite that takes over the host body, making them shed their skin and slowly morph into a Bathalian.

So the blue colored octopus head was meant to look like a younger version of the older grey/green'ish skin of the adult fully morphed monster.

A little sidenote, the model came with the little rag - though it clearly had a pair of balls sculpted underneath. Not really wanting to paint another set of testicles, (it was creepy enough the first time LOL) i cut them away with my hobby knife.

The model has been left without any matt coat as I want it to convey a wet/sticky mass of muscles. It was painted using Scab Red mixed with a little green as a basecoat. Then the basic outlines with Tanned Flesh. I then washed it in a mix of Red Ink and Flesh Wash Ink, on which I painted the various shades of muscles.

This mini was very easy and quick to paint, perfect for a break in the school work. The last model from Frothers UK I have left to paint is that awesome grandfather clock with monsters inside of it. Though that one is also the most complex and time consuming.


  1. Appropriately repulsive!

    When do we enjoy discovering your collection in a FIW setting?

  2. As soon as I can get my buddy Calle to come over and play - pretty hectic with my schoolwork and his job at the moment. But there is another game being held at the club next week IIRC. I'll try to lure him down and set up a game of F&IW style Strange Aeons :D

  3. Looks as if the next weekend will be booked up with our fledling Flames of War: Early war community.

    Though I'm really thrilled to get a game of 18th century themed Strange Aeons going. I'll see if I can book in a game before then.

  4. When it comes, please give a special ('weird 18th C.'?) to the game report and all similar, so that I can enjoy putting a special link on my blog!

  5. Reminds me of the headcrabs from Half-Life. Not that THOSE are creepy or anything.

  6. Good stuff - looks just like the skinned soldiers off the movie Predator!

  7. Thanks, I tried this "skinned" look before - on the West Wind Frankensteins monster miniature which I use as a Flesh Golen in SoTR and Flesh contruct in Malifaux. Though I matt varnished the other which kinda took away the "skinned" look and made it look more like dry muscles instead.


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