17 May 2011

Journey into Madness - Tentacled lurker

One of the models from the Frothers UK sculpting competition winner pack "Lurkers at the threshold". The other two will be painted within the near future.

I wanted to give this model a very dirty clothing, rags covered in mud and soot - and have the skin in  very bright yellow to make a sharp contrast.

The yellow is Scorched Earth mixed with Sun Yellow painted in a few layers with pure Sun Yellow at the end. Gave the skin a few spots as well.

The soot/dirt marks on the rags is made by dipping a sponge in some dark paint and then rubbing the almost dry sponge across the chosen surfaces.

Unfortunately the Matt Varnish didn't want to work to 100% satisfaction, I've noticed that some colors are more prone to glossy finish even after matt varnish than others. Dark grey/black as well as khaki colors like the ones on the robe are very resistant to matt varnish effects for some reason. Spraying the model twice wasn't enough.


  1. I LOVE tht model! And you've done a great job painting it up too

    I got a Cthulu statue into my Viking game last weekend :-)

  2. It's pretty cool, my favorite from the blister is the monster inside the grandfather clock.

    Actually attempted to paint that one first but it didn't turn out as I liked it so I stripped the paint and focused on this miniature until I get inspired to paint the clock mini.

  3. Very creepy looking mini, very nice.

  4. I still think this is the best model in your collection of Horror minis. I'm gutted that its not available anymore.


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