01 May 2011

New release on its way 2

Fans of Strange Aeons can look forward to finaly being able to get their hands on the long out of print expansion Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem vol 1 as well as the new expansion vol 2!

The pre-order is up and includes a few additional offers for those who can't resist. Quoted from "Lidless Eye" on the Lead Adventure Forum:

"Yes, pre-orders are indeed up for both Shocking Tales #1 and 2, which will be heading to the printer in May.  Here's the cornucopia of promotional goodness:
  • Shocking Tales #2 includes a Banshee figure.  We have a limited supply in clear "ghostly green" resin.  Once this runs out, they'll be cast in normal white.
  • Pre-orders for Shocking Tales #2, either alone or in a bundle (see below), will receive a Ghost of Zombie Lovecraft model, again in clear green resin.
  • While they last, all orders will receive a random clear green "Ghost", which most of you will recognize as our Zombie models cast in clear green.

A new book means new bundles:

  • Expanding Chaos: includes Shocking Tales #1 and 2 and a mini pack of your choice for $45.95
  • The Ultimate Seduction: includes Strange Aeons, both Shocking Tales and a mini pack of your choice for $69.95
That basically amounts to a half price pack of minis with the first bundle, and a completely free pack in the big bundle.  All the same promo figs are included as would normally come with the books ordered alone."

Pictures!  ST#2 Front Cover

You can check out the miniatures in this thread on the LAF:

Link to Uncle Mike's

The new stuff will also be available from the Swedish store Kulturkommissariatet


  1. Just picked up the bundle, looking forward to this one. Still pretty miffed though I missed out on the Frothers Cthulhu kits. By only two weeks! If you find any of the guys floating around for sale, let me know. I know you were unhappy with getting the worm man, but let me say it was seeing yours all painted up that really made me jealous of the special! All the best.

  2. I actually got a double of the Lurkers at the Treshold blister. A package arrived this week and I was like "What the hell is this?"

    And inside there were also 2 Colonel Marbles miniatures, now I remembered the person handling my replacement order talking about throwing in something extra - and I said it was "Ok I just want my original minis". So when the first replacement miniatures arrived it was only the Lurkers blister and I thought "case closed".

    Apparently , since I sent them 2 letters 3 days apart from each other about the wrong miniatures I can only guess that they read one, sent me replacement miniatures. Then read the other and sent me yet another pack with the additional colonel marbles miniatures.

    So I gave the second blister away to my friend Calle as payment for the Orc BloodBowl team I got from him for free.

    Maybe if you ask around on the Lead Adventure Forum or the Frothers Forum you'll find someone with an extra set as well.

  3. Thanks for the lead, I'm on it. I will be sure to get be ready for their next run. Do they do the competition annually correct?

  4. Yep they are currently arranging the next one on the SoTR forum :-)


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